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Beyond Frontiers Tax Service, LLC

Your tax partner, at home and abroad


Beyond Frontiers Tax Service, LLC was established in 2012 in Stamford, CT. In 2013 we moved two towns over to Norwalk and finally in 2016 to Weston where we still reside.

Our founder, Marcela Martinez Millan, PhD, EA grew up in Mexico City and moved to Ithaca, NY to pursue her doctorate degree at Cornell University. She then moved to Seattle, WA where she started her tax career. Her own experience as an international student gave her an advantage when providing services to foreign nationals on work permits, a common situation among her clients.

In 2012, she moved across the country to Stamford, CT where she founded her own company. Later that year she obtained her Enrolled Agent credential. Since then, she provides services to foreign nationals and US citizens alike. She is familiar with international matters that affect individuals; residency for tax purposes, living abroad, owning foreign assets, owning foreign accounts, tax treaties, etc.

She has released two books about U.S. taxes for foreign nationals: Beyond Frontiers: A Tax Guide for Non-U.S. Citizens and Beyond Frontiers: U.S. Taxes for International Self-Published Authors